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welcome to Twin Cities Property People
Twin Cities Property People provides all your real estate needs! They provide agents who can assist you with  selling your home, help you sell your home yourself with their flat rate service. They can assist you with buying a home, rent your home and even help renters find a home. 

We believe in a simple concept  is which is that you will receive quality work at a fair price. We may not always be the cheapest, but you know you will get great service of your real estate needs are.  

Here to Help You With Everything Real Estate
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Selling Your Home
If you are looking for a full service brokerage to sell your home for you, we are your brokerage.

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Flat Fee Services
Looking for an alternative to the standard way of selling your house? We provide a limited listing services for a flat fee. 
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Buying a Home
Buying your first home or maybe your dream home, either way, you don't want to do it alone. Let us help you find that home.
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Renting Your Home
Whether you are looking to rent out your own home or if you have a portfolio of homes needing to be managed.
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Twin Cities Property People Mission & Values
Twin Cities Property People holds itself to the highest set of values. We strive to be the best at giving our clients  everything they need, the tenants a safe place to call home and  our vendors the flexibility they require. 

From the first-time owner who needs assistance getting an operation off the ground, to overseeing the renovation and rehabilitation of projects, to managing the turnaround of distressed or foreclosed properties, our staff has the expertise and experience it takes to do the job properly.

Whether you are selling your house, buying a house or renting a property, we will prove that we know what we are doing and we will do everything we can to make sure you are pleased with outcome . 
Core Values

Open and honest communication is a core value at Twin Cities Property People. Whether you are a client, tenant or vendor you will always get an honest answer from Twin Cities Property People .

Mission Statement

To meet the needs of our clients, tenants & vendors by providing the technology and tools along with, having the ability to show care, compassion and empathy all while communicate effectively to ensure the best possible experience for all.

Ahead of the Others

Technology is ever changing and so is Twin Cities Property People. Keeping up with the latest technology to help our owners, tenants and vendors achieve their goals and remain successful. 

I don't generally review websites or businesses- or read other people's reviews. I won't found saying, "Thank you for your time- let's stay in touch!” Literally with zero intentions to reconnect. I make my decisions based on personal experiences- not by looking at other peoples opinions.  More often than not, it feels like most reviews only mention negative experiences.  When you meet someone like Brent, you'll know why I happily took the time to acknowledge his attention to detail; He's patient, timely, and actually cares about seeing a project through.  I believe he deserves recognition for his professionalism and hard work. Thank you!! 

David B.
Minneapolis, MN 

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